Saving Mr.Disney

   Where did it all go? You know, all the glamour and magic this world once had? It’s strange to think a world like that even existed. With all the fast food chains and unnecessary “in-your-face” advertisements, it’s easy to forget that there was something beautiful going on decades ago. Within simplicity, beauty was found. Now, the bigger, the better. Less is never more, and we all delude ourselves in believing that the time is now. Sometimes, that belief is true. None of us can deny that we have benefitted from everything that has been handed to us. In this age, your relatives, living across the ocean are merely a Skype call away. Or any opinion that you might have can simply just be put out into the world without a single thought. We hide behind these screens, the same hiding I am doing right now, and just rant or rave about a person, an event or a decision that was made by people of much higher positions than us. Granted, that embodies some mystery. A mystery that begs the question: “Who is this person, and why is she complaining about the obviously “simpler” world she is living in?” But this superficial mystery is nothing compared to the mystery that was embodied during the older eras. If you have not guessed already by the title, I did see Saving Mr.Banks today. The movie itself, was not strong, but that didn’t stop me from crying my eyes out. There were many explanations of my tears, some more literal than others like P.L Travers, portrayed by Emma Thompson, finally giving in and tapping along to “Let’s Go Fly a Kite,” but there was more…emotional explanation, which was, simply put, where did the magic go? When did that last sprinkle of fairy dust disappear? And why? Did we use it all up with our need for making money and changing things that didn’t need to be changed in the first place? I don’t know…And do not tell me you haven’t thought about living in another era, just to get a taste of those people and what they were capable of doing. People we have only truly ever experienced on the screen. The Marilyns, the Chaplins, the Disneys. The Bette Davis’ and the Humphrey Bogarts. The Hepburns. Both Katherine and Audrey. The list goes on and on and on…Now, I know it’s not wise to live in the past, but we can’t help but feel nostalgic at times. Without these bursts of sentimentality, I’m afraid that the magic that is deep within us, sinks farther and farther. For some, the magic is gone forever, and we can’t really blame them. It’s hard to hold onto something when you’re not trying. But for those of you, who feel the magic brewing inside yourselves, all I ask is to let it consume you. Let it take over. Let is just wash over you like buckets of lukewarm water cleansing your skin. This world needs more magic, and not technological “magic” or scientific magic, but actual, indescribable, unconventional magic. It all starts with a spoonful.